Friday, January 31, 2014

spring 2014

hi guys trying to get some new members this year.. sorry it was so long between posts but ya all know the reason behind that.. looks like we have a few new guys this year.. brian dutcher and his boy want to join. jordan grimshaw of rhinelander wants to come join the gang. tom kauth and caylop menke also want to join us.. after talking to the older members we have decided to all buy one target as. membership fee this year 2014 .. we stuck all our money into the building last year . so this year we need to upgrade some targets. So this should work out just fine for this year.. I will be going back to selling beer of the four wheeler again by donation only, price will be the same one dollar a can.. we need to build up some funds to finish the building this year..  we will also need to have a range meeting in early may so get back to me on when its good for you guys on that, . we will also need to do some fixing of the range and that will be talked about at the meeting in may.. although cross bows are not allowed . we have decided ray can use one if he wants to .. he is our oldest member and he has a very bad shoulder injury . if he wants to use a cross bow that is fine with all of us. we dont want ray to injure his shoulder any more then it is right now till he gets it healed and back to normal..
Other then this has been one heck of a winter and deer season is over not much going on here.. I will try and get back to this blog more often now.. you guys are the best talk to ya soon   mike

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hot news this was taken on the north side of rib mountain near wausua wi. now that is a buck

Rifle Season

2012 rifle season begins nov 17th.To all Diamond BackArchers . And to all hunters keep it safe out there . I would hope that you all would  send me your pictures so we can post the on the blog. send to  .. We all look forward to the opener of gun . It has become a northwoods  tradition we all have grown up with. We all love the outdoor's,  the fun that comes with just hanging out with the guys,, My crew will do the normal we will hunt sat then go to the kasmareck shack and see how the boys have done out there and tip a few with them.. Then hunt sunday morning and come in to veiw the packers in the afternoon.. I wish the best of luck to all our members new and old.. Let us all say a prayer opening morning for all the animals that God will bless us with.. so that we can live from his grace . Nature is  a wonderful gift from God and shouldnt be taken lightly.. our jobs as sportsman are to manage the herd. and in turn help us support our familys,, When I was a younger man I never thought of it like that . I took it all for granted, I wish I could turn back the clock I would have done things differnt. We as a whole have to keep hunting alive so that our kids and their kids can have the joy that it brings us.. Also I would like to wish the schoeneck family the best and safe hunting. They are a great bunch of guys. also I will try and get on and post our luck before The weekends out.. but If I get busy I would like to say happy Thanksgiving to all of the guys.. My thanks giving will be here with my friends on friday the day after.. anyone that would like to utilize the range building for hunting. or just get together for a beer that would be cool.. I will have the heat on all weekend.. God bless you all.. have a great nine day hunt with your loved ones and friends..          D,B.A

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MATS doe plus pictures of him hunting out of his stand in marathon

Hunt is on

Well guys we made it through another summer of shooting fun. Now that bow season is here we all go our own ways for a few months.. I will have to get together with freeman and see whats happening with the end of year range party , When and were well you know.. I want to give special thanks to all the new members and for all the help on our new range building.It sure was nice being able to get out of the rain.. I worked on the range building yesterday put some more wall board up. started a fire in there. it was nice . I want to get out and do some hunting with freeman ,I have been to busy but I have to make some time to make that happen I sure enjoy hunting with him.. I am looKing forward to the end off the year party . All you guys give 100 percent and I feel like I let ya all down at the end with my bow problems.. but I will make it up to ya next year. we sure have a nice building now due to all your hard work.. talk to you all soon mike

Sunday, July 8, 2012

sorry for the long pause

sorry all ,I have been busy and alot has been going on. I took a new job driving truck . I have not had the time to post on here as i would like,, we have a few new members this year. scott. jason, don. and glen. we are always wanting to promote the sport of archery and we welcome all who want to become a future members of our team.. The last few weeks has started of slow but as fall aproches, the smell comes in the air .. bucks are in velvet and fawns are on the rise. last week it was a great time hot . but all and all was a fun time.. freeman picked up the roofing material. As soon as it cools off. we will have to slap it on.. my son mat has been gone in bomb training in alabama for the last few weeks . The guys all miss him hope he can join us again soon.. Also he and his wife are expecting a little one in dec. That will make me a grampa. I cant wait that is so cool.. I have not been shooting this year, like I know i can so i will buy some arrows next week and start geting back with the program.. we all hope that tony and mike will be able to join us soon as there jobs have been geting in the way. we all miss them . scott schoeneck has donated some cherry boards for the front and back of our range building our thanks goes out to him that saves us a ton of cash that can go twards newer targets next year.. we all missed ray brigs last week as he was under the weather and wasnt up to walking the course.. as hot as it was I would have just set in the club house with him. but I decided to shoot. Seems to me all the newer members are starting to realy injoy themselfs. it always takes awhile to get to know everyone and settle in with the group.. our main goal this year is to complete as much of the range building as posible so next year we can up grade and improve targets and the range.. i would also like to do a summer party and a fall party this year I would like your input on that. see ya all next week .. mike

Monday, May 14, 2012


TO ALL the oldest members' Scott Schoeneck he has become one of our newest members of the summer of 2012,, we always do the vote process to elect newer members but all of us older guys know Scott already and he will make a wonderful addition to our club , Scott is very busy. He might not make it out much but it will be a joy when he can make it,, Scott has paid me his dues today THE 14TH OF MAY,,, All members new and old will decide where all the funds will go on sat the 19th of may 2012,, To advance our club further into 2013,, We are and seem to be growing steady yearly,, Ray Brigs will be doing a fish fry on sat the 19th of may also at the meeting, if anyone would like to bring a dish please do ,, but no big deal if you cant.. and anyone that has ever had one of Rays fish fries they are awesome and they know what to look forward to ,, ray said he will supply all the fresh fish,, I am drooling thinking about it,, I want to be the first one to welcome Scott schoeneck to our club .. D,B,A

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A special thanks

Last year Scott Schoeneck let us use his tractor trailer , so we could get our trusses home for our range building. we all got busy with the build and I forgot to mention it to all of you,, most of you know it but not all of you knew this fact,, so our thank yous goes out to scott for the use of his rig,, we could not have did it that easy without the use if his truck ,,,in 2011


We will be having a range meeting at the new club house next sat may 19th @ 5 pm bring the beer or dinks of your choice , sounds like we will have 5 to six new PROSPECT members this year,, so the old members will have to approve of the new guys LIKE ALWAYS before we let them in,, mike and linda ballman will be here that week so we decided to have it while they are here,, that would work best for them,, we will discuss many new things this year,, we look forward to seeing you all again,, all new members must be voted in by the old members, . we would like input on any new ideas you all would like to be changed or continue with so put your thinking caps on for new ideas,, if anyone has tall bar stools they would like to bring for the 2012 season or know where we can get them please do we will need them,, freeman, I and ray and mat and craig did more work to the club house over the wnter so its all wired now,, , bring your spouse Or your loved one with also,, lets get the summer party started ,, I would like to build a meat pole this year so we can continue with the the up coming hunting seasons, after the range is over, we have a building now so lets utilize it at much as we can,, its all of ours lets use it.. i bought a pellet stove for the building last year so we all can stay warm and comfy,, also if some one has and old house stereo they would like to donate that would be nice the one in there is not the best it works and all but we could use a better one,, we also hung a tv with sat in there so we can veiw ball games when its to rainy out to shoot,, im sure you will all like that,, we also extended the bar so its longer now,,for those who didnt know..... see you all next weekend ,, also if you have any new prospect members or friends that would like them to join bring them we dont like bringing in new guys half way through the range season ,,mike

Thursday, December 8, 2011

consealed carry

This is the link to a ccw license .. you have to have a 4 hour course in fire arms training,, If you have a Wi. hunters safety course and do not have a felony .. you can get a ccw permit.. the fee is 50.00 . the link above will take you to the application. print, fill in and complete all questions. YOU MUST PROVIDE A COPY OF YOUR fire arms TRAINING COURSE Do not miss any thing on the app. If you do miss the state will keep your 50 bucks and you will have to resubmit it with another 50 bucks.. On the mailing envelope make sure you have 2 u.s postage stamps on the envelope. that also is a requirement,,, TO ALL WHO DONT KNOW BY LAW WE CANT EVEN CARRY OUR POCKET KNIVES ANYMORE WITH OUT ONE.. I know most of us guys all carry pocket knifes,, dont get caught with one with out a ccw. permit .. also this new law allows us to own electric weapons .. meaning we can by pistol tazzers now if we want.. keith bennett filled me in on most of the above,, As for me I have most of it done already,, now I'am checking in on electric weapons,, D.B.A

Saturday, November 26, 2011

End of range 2011 party

Everyone that could make it, came to the end of year party,, we all had a good time , this year old members hung the new members, linda, mike balmans wife got hung for wareing w's on the range,, you would have to be there to understand.. craig bills was hung,, mike balman was set free from the judge, he is the only member to have ever been set free,, next year will be the test,,we all had such a good time ,, thank you all again for such a wonderful summer, tony would like to get together and play cards , this winter,, he donated a BIG card table,, I talked to freeman he said he is in for the game, I am not much of a card player, but I made a chess board for all of us if anyone plays,, I extended the bar in the club house, and hung a tv from the ceiling, To all members the building is yours you can enjoy it anytime this winter as you wish . give me the heads up I will light the pellet stove for you a few hours in advance so its warm in there for you,,, you guys are the greatest,,, Mike

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well guys range has come and gone again this year,, I sure had fun with all of you this year, and our 3 new members,,
sat, the 17th we Turn the broad heads back on , time to hunt that buck again,, I am sure looking forward to it,, debi still has to figure the scores out for the year, I will post them as soon as I know,,
our new pellet stove will be here next week that will be nice for the future winter football games , races , baseball,, hunting shows,, I hope we all get together weekly and enjoy your new club house, the end of the year party sounds like the 22nd of oct , but we will all keep in touch with that,,, yes for the last week I didnt shoot my round so I took a big fat zero,, we missed tony, mike, keith, mitch, and mat ,due to their jobs they couldnt make it the last night,, I would hope everyone posts their deer on here this fall , I hope freeman a great time out in Wyoming Antolope hunting, ray the best on his traping and hunting season,, and all members the best hunting possible,, thanks again for another wonderful year of memories ,, you all are GREAT friends a guy could ask for and ever want,,

club house

The club house got along way this year, this is the outside of the new club house,, special thanks goes to all the members who worked on it and donated, the time and materials to make it happen for all of us,, we have a great bunch of guy's and gal's , freeman bennett did a wonderful job on the planing of the building. and the construction of the club house and the use of his tools, we all followed his advise, freeman is very good at construction, just goes to show ya when we all work together we can all win , ray briggs and myself, craig bills boxed in the eves , to keep the animals out, kieth bennett , helped stand trusses and get the sheeting on the roof and floor,, russ nellis donated a fridge helped prep trusses, for the club house,, ray briggs donated all electrical, and some insulation,, and a bar that we all will enjoy,
craig bills helped with labor and the use of his tools,,. craigs mom and dad . gave us the windows, that we needed. mike ballman donated 2 big lights and a new broom and 1 packer sign,, we changed a few things over the years since we started the range,, it was open to the public. Now it a members only club,, we are always looking for new members, but there is rules to be followed to become a member,, all members own this range, and all members vote on new members,, we like to have fun and laugh, if this sounds like you ,we would like to have you,, for the following 2012 summer,,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I will be up tomorrow you all are in serious trouble....matt